Your sparring partner in developing competitive and innovative products.

VRIEVORM is a multi-disciplinary product development and design company…… which  combines applied art and technology to translate your ideas into innovative products.

Innovative product design,  often using the latest technics and materials  ( if needed ) to create and develop customer specific products for a diversity of clients and Industries.  products which are tailored to meet your expectations and create competitive advantage!

We try to understand your business and particular requirements for each project and product.  It could be a large scale production, or a “one of a kind” piece or anything in between…….

Don’t be surprised if we contact you because we have an idea or concept which we think will fit your product portfolio well….. We continuously work on new concept and ideas.

But most of all we are nice guys, understanding the fact, that you can only do business when you believe and respect in each others expertise and knowlegde.

We don’t confine ourselves to one specific industry or product group.  We are open-minded : mixing ideas,  materials and  budget in a way that allows us to create new products, utilizing the latest production processes and technics or just go “old school”……


We are currently developing and producing products in the following markets:

  • Small consumer goods
  • Home care and hospital products
  • Sports equipment
  • Added value product in the flower and plant industry
  • Industrial products and machinery
  • Promotional products for retail and FMCG
  • Jewelry and other custom items
  • Applied arts using 3d printing and laser Cushing
  • (Luxury) packaging in various materials